Leadership through high performance

I help women, executives, and companies maximize their capabilities to lead strong, collaborative, and engaged teams.

Caveat: Does the gender gap exist? Sure it does! It's a fact. But I don't base my work on a gender perspective. Women lead differently, but ultimately, performance and self-mastery are the great equalizers.

What's performance and self-mastery anyway?

  • Becoming the best "you" you can be

  • Having a specific path that you can follow to perform daily

  • Being focused on the task at hand to reach the goal

  • Having the mental and moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand fear and difficulty

Was the myth of potential meant to soothe your ego?

One of my dearest mentors has always said he doesn’t believe in potential. He has worked with all kinds of athletes …Pros, Amateurs, Olympians, College students and kids. Numerous times he’s had a conversation with athletes and proud parents who were selling the “potential” their kiddo or themselves had. To all of them he'd always reply back with a sharp question: What are the results in the field of play? {He does not care about potential!}

It still bothers me when he talks about how irrelevant potential is, because I profoundly believe we all have tremendous potential. We all have an area, one skill we can master and excel in beyond measure.  However, I have come to realize that he’s damn right.

Potential does not matter. How you show up, how you "do the work" consistently is what will get you the results you want. Period. How you perform and master yourself, will ultimately get you…

  • Promoted

  • New clients

  • A solid high-performing and synergetic team. You name it... It all boils down to performance and not potential!