Just stop it...

Stop dwelling in inaction.

You have ideas, good intentions and great projects, but you are not taking consistent action because you lack a solid plan, and your path to achievement is sketchy.

Stop feeling overwhelmed.

You are working hard. You are busy with all the things you have to do, only to notice that at the end of the month, you are still in the same place, or even worse! You haven’t achieved any of the results you were expecting. 

Stop making goals you aren’t going to keep.

You have written goals down on a piece of paper, because you are supposed to, but your success rate is way less than 50% right? {If you've been tracking!}

Stop playing small.

You are playing small because you’re afraid of “being seen” or “getting out there” and having the courage to show up for what you believe in.


Well that’s where I come in

Goal setting & self-mastery are my jam.

I make "goal setting" seem like a cakewalk.

I have a step-by-step peak performance process to clarify the madness and turn your good intentions into real-life results.

With me by your side, you'll kick procrastination, overwhelm, and inaction to the curb.

Mind you! I praise discipline and action {I know this sounds sounsexy!}

I profoundly believe that in order to achieve what you want, you must first win the mental game between you and you.

We achieve more and impact others when we surpass ourselves. Period.

The system I use to get constant results for my clients is Todd Herman's 90 Day Year. I am a Co-Creator of the 90 Day Year Certification for Coaches, Trainers and Consultants.


Why am I so productive?

I’ve always been an efficient and focused human being. Actually, I have two scientifically proven facts that set me up since birth for high levels of productivity:

First, I was a robot in a past life.

Second, I’m a Virgo in this life.


Who do I help? Is that you?

I help individuals, executives and companies map out and break down goals to really perform on a daily basis. I show them the best path for reaching goals, then help them follow through to achieve the results they want.

Do you have a Learning and Development challenge? If your company is facing the “people paradox” i.e. job responsibilities are outgrowing your employees’ skill set well...Not investing in training and development is not an option. Your tribe must be equipped. So, let me help you prepare your employees for the business growth they’re working to attain!


For curious minds…I am

  • Costa Rican by birth

  • Belgian by adoption

  • French by heart

  • Proud American Resident by choice

  • A true ginger by genetics

I stand for:

  • Discipline

  • Action, action, and action

  • Empathy

  • Impact

Take the quiz and discover what type of leader you are, and how your leadership style impacts your team.{coming soon}